N2IT Services is an exclusive & members-only IT service provider based in Lumberton, North Carolina. We offer top-notch IT support plans to many local & regional businesses of all sizes. With many years of experience working with private as well as government entities, we can meet or exceed all requirements for high-level security clearances.

We offer corporate service & support contracts on an annual basis, all of which include basic troubleshooting & remote support during normal business hours. Optional services are scalable to meet the needs of any size business and often is a great alternative to hiring full or additional IT staff.

We have the skills to keep your office working smoothly whether you have a small office workgroup, domain controllers, or a full-fledged enterprise infrastructure. We currently serve only businesses, government, and corporate entities and do not offer services to the general public. For this reason, all residential PC/laptop/computers will only be eligible for support whenever it accompanied by a business membership.

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